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The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Myrceugenia leptospermoides (DC.) Kausel

  1. Classified in >
  2. genus: Myrceugenia >
  3. Family: Myrtaceae

Place of Publication

Rev. Mirt. Chile: 2 (1940)

Type citation

Based on Eugenia leptospermoides DC. "in Chili ex herb Deless" (lectotype: (designated by Landrum Fl. Neotrop. Monog. 29: 52 G-DC; probable isolectotype: RB).


Common names

  • macolla, murtilla del malo, chequen

Conservation status

  • Endangered ENB1ab(iii) (Hechenleitner et al. (2005))


  • Hechenleitner et al. (2005): p.93
  • Landrum (1988): Fig. 12b


    • Landrum (1986)
    • Landrum (1988)


    Evergreen shrub 0.5-2 m tall.

    Key characteristics

    This species can be distinguished by its oblong-lanceolate leaves which are rounded at the apex and its hairy flower stalks. Compared with the older foliage, the young spring growth is a striking bright pale green. Although it can reach up to 2m tall, it tends to form a small, spreading delicate shrub. It can be confused with Myrceugenia pinifolia, but this species has leaves that are narrowly elliptic to linear, the apex is normally pointed and the new growth is bronze in colour (Hechenleitner et al. 2005).


    Maule, Biobío, Araucanía and Ñuble

    Distribution and habitat

    Restricted to a small coastal area from Region Biobío (Province Ňuble, 36º28’S) to Region Araucanía (Province Cautin, 38º44’S) where it is confined to humid or foggy habitats. It often grows as an under-story shrub close to rivers and lakes or on wet forested slopes, from sea-level to 300m. Much of its present-day habitat is much modified and suffers from encroachment from commercial forestry tree species (Hechenleitner, 2005).


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