The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Miersia chilensis Lindl.

Place of Publication

Trav. Chile: 529 (1826)



  • Miers (1826)

    Miers, J. 1826. Travels in Chile and La Plata, including accounts respecting the geography, geology, statistics, government, finances, agriculture, manners and customs, and the mining operations in Chile. Collected during a residence of several years in these countries. London. 2 vols.

  • Escobar (2012)

    Escobar, I. 2012. Sistemática de la tribu Gilliesieae Lindl. (Alliaceae), sobre la base de evidencias morfoanatómicas, citológicas y moleculares. Tesis Doctoral. Universidad de Concepción. Chile.


  • Escobar (2012): Fig.1J; Fig. 4A, D-F, I-J


Seed of this species is banked by the national seed bank of Chile, INIA.