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The Endemic Plants of Chile – an Annotated Checklist

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Menonvillea orbiculata Phil.

  1. Classified in >
  2. genus: Menonvillea >
  3. Family: Brassicaceae

Place of Publication

Fl. Atacam: 9 (1860a)

Type citation

CHILE. [Región de Atacama]. Caldera, R. A. Philippi s.n. [lectotype designated by Al-Shehbaz et al. (2011: 285), SGO 49155!; isolectotype SGO 68274!]



  • Salariato et al. (2014)


Perennial, rarely annual or biennial, with stems (6−)8−37(−60) cm tall. Normally flowers between September and November.


Antofagasta, Atacama and Coquimbo

Distribution and habitat

Mainly coastal areas of northern Chile from sea level to 800 m. It grows among rocks, gravel, and on sand in shelter of large rock.


  • Philippi R.A. (1860a)

    Philippi, R.A. 1860a. Florula Atacamensis seu enumeratio plantarum, quas in itinere per desertum Atacamense. Sumptibus E. Anton

  • Al-Shehbaz et al. (2011)

    Al-Shehbaz, I.A. , Muñoz-Schick, M and Morales, V 2011. The present status of Brassicaceae taxa described by Rodulfo and Federico Philippi. Harvard Papers in Botany 16: 279–291.