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The Endemic Plants of Chile – an Annotated Checklist

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Menonvillea marticorenae (Al-Shehbaz) Salariato & Al-Shehbaz

  1. Classified in >
  2. genus: Menonvillea >
  3. Family: Brassicaceae

Place of Publication

Phytotaxa 162(4): 279 (2014)

Type citation

Based on: Menonvillea filifolia Fisch. & C.A. Mey. subsp. marticorenae Al-Shehbaz.. CHILE. [Región de Coquimbo]. Carretera Panamericana, 89 km al norte de los Vilos, [250 m, 31°11′S, 71°36′W], 13 October 1963, C. Marticorena & O. Matthei 122 (holotype CONC 70351!)



  • Salariato et al. (2014)


Annual with stems (8−)15−28(−30) cm tall. Flowers from September to October.

Key characteristics

Closely related to M. filifolia (once treated as a subspecies of this taxon) but can be easily separated by having non-saccate or slightly saccate (vs. strongly saccate) sepal bases, obscurely papillate (vs. conspicuously papillate) petal bases, and ovoid (vs. narrowly oblong) anthers (Salariato et al. 2014).


Antofagasta, Atacama, Coquimbo and Valparaíso

Distribution and habitat

A widely distributed species from sea level to 900 m.


  • Salariato et al. (2014)

    Salariato, D.L. , Zuloaga , F.O. and Al-Shehbaz, I.A. 2014. A revision of the genus Menonvillea (Cremolobeae, Brassicaceae). Phytotaxa 162(4):