The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Leucheria cantillanensis Lavandero

Place of Publication

Phytokeys 169: (2020)

Type citation

Chile. Región Metropolitana: Provincia de Melipilla, entre el límite de Alhué y Melipilla, Reserva Natural Altos de Cantillana, 33°54'54.24"S, 70°58'43.57"W, 2007 m., 27 December 2019, fl. And fr., Lavandero 700 (holotype: CONC!; Isotype SGO!).


  • Lavandero et al. (2020)

    Lavandero, N. , Rosende, B. and Pérez, F 2020. Leucheria cantillanensis (Nassauvieae, Asteraceae), a new species endemic to Central Chile. Phytokeys 169 99-117



Distribution and habitat

Restricted to the Cantillana Mountain Range, which is part of the coastal cordillera of central Chile. It grows in shaded crevices of rocky outcrops along with Calceolaira andina a t about 2000 m above sea level (Lavandero et al. 2020).

Conservation status

  • Critically Endangered B2ab(i,ii,iii) (Lavandero et al. (2020))


Perennial herb 15–30 (–40) cm tall. Flowers and fruits in December.

Key characteristics

Leucheria cantillanensis is similar to L. salina but differs in its flat leaf surface which is paper-like in texture and conspicuously prominent veins that form a raised pattern on both leaf surfaces. It also has 27–30 flowers per flowering head (vs. 40–60) and a purple anther apical appendages (vs. greenish-yellow). It is also similar to coastal forms of L. runcinata with white flowers, but it differs by its underground creeping rhizomes with remnants of dry leaf stalk and the leaves are glandular hairy throughout. For a full account of the key characteristics see Lavandero et al., 2020.