The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Johnstonella punensis M.G.Simpson & Muñoz-Schick

Place of Publication

Phytokeys 197: 151; figs 1-6 (2022)

Type citation

Chile. Prov. de Antofagasta, Entre Calama y San Pedro de Atacama, Anual, abundante, Expedición al Desierto. 22°41.27'S, 68°28.46'W [estimated from label locality data], 2800 m elevation. 3 January 1944, C. Muñoz 3710 (Holotype: SGO119165)


  • Simpson et al. (2022)

    Simpson, M G , Hasenstab-Lehman, K , Mabry, M E and Muñoz-Schick, M 2022. Johnstonella punensis (Boraginaceae), a new species endemic to the dry Puna of Chile. PhytoKeys 197: 149-164.




Desert and Andean desert

Distribution and habitat

Known from only six collections ranging from near La Taira (just south of Reserva Nacional Alto Loa) south to near Cuadrilla Díaz (just southwest of Parque Nacional Llullaillaco). Elevation range from ca. 2800 to 3420 m. It occurs in the south-western dry Puna region near the eastern margin of the Atacama Desert (Simpson, 2022).

Conservation status

  • Data Deficent (Simpson et al. (2022))


Annual herb, 10-15 cm tall. Flowering January or June (flowering time probably dependent on rainfall (Simpson, 2022).

Key characteristics

Johnstonella punensis resembles J. diplotricha and J. parviflora in having nutlets that are marginally sharp-angled, but differs in having nutlets lacking a lineate-rimmed margin and in having a surface that is dimpled to rugulose and lacking tubercles (Simpson, 2022).