The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Ivania juncalensis Al-Shehbaz f.

Place of Publication

Harvard Pap. Bot. 15: 345, fig.1. (2010)

Type citation

CHILE. Región de Valparaíso, Provincia de Los Andes, Valle del Río Juncal , 2500 m.a.s.l., 15 December 1976, Otto Zöllner 9165 (Holotype NA 5434).


  • Al-Shehbaz (2010b)

    Al-Shehbaz, I.A. 2010. Ivania juncalensis, a second species of the Chilean endemic Ivania. Harvard Papers in Botany 15: 343–345.

  • Cádiz-Véliz (2022)

    Cádiz-Véliz, A , Román, N M , Urbina-Casanova, R , Berguecio, N G , Palma-Villalobos, B and Sapaj-Aguilera, G 2022. Rediscovery of Ivania juncalensis Al-Shehbaz (Thelypodieae; Brassicaceae), an endemic and threatened species from the Andes of Central Chile. Phytotaxa 558 (3), pp. 276-282



Distribution and habitat

Very restricted distribution and to date it is only know from Parque Andino Juncal (Región de Valparaíso). It is found between 2500 and 2900 above sea level growing with Chuquiraga oppositifolia and Nardophyllum lanatum. Here it grows exclusively in rock crevices with Bowlesia tropaeolifolia, Cystopteris apiiformis and Valeriana stricta.

Conservation status

  • Critically Endangered Endangered (CR) B1+B2a (i,ii,iii) (Cádiz-Véliz (2022))


  • Cádiz-Véliz (2022)


Perennial; stems 8-30 cms tall