The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Haplopappus valparadisiacus Klingenb.

Place of Publication

Biblioth. Bot. 157: 315 (2007)

Type citation

Name based on Diplopappus inuloides Hook. & Arn., "Cliffs, Valparaíso; Bridges, Cuming, (n. 404.)" (Lectotype: K. Isotype: BM, GH, P. Sintiypes: BM, GH[x2], K[x2], P)



  • Klingenberg (2007)

    Klingenberg, L. 2007. Monographie der südamerikanischen Gattungen Haplopappus Cass. und Notopappus L. Klingenberg (Asteraceae - Astereae). Bibliotheca Botanica 157: 1-331


Seed of this species is banked by the national seed bank of Chile, INIA.