The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Euphorbia melicae Ewest

Place of Publication

Euphorbia World 11(1): 26 (2015)

Type citation

Region Atacama; close to Huasco, at 200 m a.s.l., 14.09.2008. Holotype: EW 08-004a (SGO157326); Isotype: EW 08-004 (B. EW 08-4004)


  • Ewest (2015

    Ewest, W 2015. Geophytic Euphorbia from Chile (part 1), Euphorbia World 11(1): 18-29

Key characteristics

Compared to E. thinophila, E. melicae has a much more looser and open habit. Unlike E. porphyrantha, the roots are more robust and exude latex when damaged and the leaves are more slender. Its habit is prostrate unlike the more erect habit of E. porphyrantha (Ewest, 2015).