The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Erythranthe depressa (Phil.) G.L.Nesom var. ciminum (C. Bohlen) J.M. Watson & A.R. Flores

Place of Publication

Phytotaxa 164(1): 59 (2014a)



  • Barker et al. (2012)

    Baker, W.R. , Nesom, G.L. , Beardsley, P.M. and Fraga, N.S. 2012. A taxonomic conspectus of Phrymaceae: A narrowed circumscriptions for Mimulus, new and resurrected genera, and new names and combinations. Phytoneuron 39: 1-60

  • Watson & Flores (2014)

    Watson, J.M. and Flores, A.R. 2014a. Two new combinations in Erythranthe section Simiolus (Phrymaceae) for the flora of Chile. Phytotaxa 164(1): 58-60