The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Eryngium crassifolium Padan & Calviño

Place of Publication

Syst. Botany 43(2): 628 (2018)

Type citation

CHILE.III Región Atacama: Provincia de Huasco, cercade Tres Playitas [-28.413°, -71.194°], 6 December 2015, Padin 205 (holotype: SI!; isotypes: CONC!, BCRU!).


  • Padin & Calviño (2018)

    Padin, A.L. and Calviño, C.I. 2018. A New Species Endemic to the Atacama Region of Chile: Eryngium crassifolium (Apiaceae, Saniculoideae). Systematic Botany, 43(2): 628-632


  • Padin & Calviño (2018): Fig. 1(a-d); Fig.2(a-d)



Distribution and habitat

Restricted to the Province of Huasco in Region Atacama (III) where it is found along the Pacific coast and several kilometers inland. It grows in sandy and slightly humid soils with scarce vegetation (Padin, 2018).


  • Padin & Calviño (2018)


Prostrate annual herb to 28 cm across. Flowers from mid-October to December.

Key characteristics

Closely affiliated with E. macracanthum from which it differs by having succulent leaves and bracts, the Involucral bracts are also much wider - 2.5–3 mm.