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The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Copiapoa humilis subsp. australis P.Hoxey

  1. Classified in >
  2. genus: Copiapoa >
  3. Family: Cactaceae

Place of Publication

Brit. Cact. Succ. J. 22(1): 39 (38-41; figs. 19-24) (2004)


  • Hoxey (2004): Figs. 19-25
  • Regions



    Desert and Desert fog oasis

    Distribution and habitat

    Only known from the type locality in province Atacama in the vicinity of Huasco at 1000 m above sea level. It grows on gently sloping to flat ground among small rocks and stones and is associated with other cacti including Copiapoa fielderiana.


    • Hoxey (2004)

      Hoxey, P. 2004. Some notes on Copiapoa humilis and the description of a new subspecies. British Cactus & Succulent Journal 22(1):29-42

    • Señoret Espinosa & Acosta Ramos (2013)

      Señoret Espinosa, E. and Acosta Ramos, J.P. 2013. Guía de Campo. Cactáceas Nativas de Chile. CORMA 247 pp.