The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Cistanthe josetomasallendeana Hershk.

Place of Publication

Int. J. Sci. Developm. Res. 794: 794 (2022)

Type citation

Chile: Coquimbo Region, Choapa Province, Comuna de Canela, hills on the north side of Caleta Puerto Oscuro, 31.4210 S, 71.6000 W, elevation ca. 100 m, 7 September 2022, Hershkovitz 22-04 (Fig. 2; Holotype, SGO).


  • Hershkovitz (2022)

    Hershkovitz, M A 2022. Taxonomic notes on Cistanthe and Calandrinia (Montiaceae) in Chile. International Journal of Scientific Development and Research 7(12): 794-801




Desert and Coastal desert and semidesert

Distribution and habitat

Restricted to Puerto Oscuro (Region Coquimbo) covering an area of 1000m2. Here it grows in sandy soil with scrub vegetation dominated by Puya chilensis, P. venusta, Oxalis gigantea and Leucostele chiloensis. However, images have been seen of the same species at Canela Baja, a coast range community ca. 15 km east of Puerto Oscuro (Hershkovitz (2022).


Annual up to 35 cm tall.