The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Chorizanthe dasyantha Phil.

Place of Publication

Linnaea 33(1-4): 227 (1864)

Type citation

Ghile. San Felipe de Aconcagua, 01-01-1863, Landbeck s.n., (lectotype SGO 47954, designated by Reveal (2004) p. 14



  • Philippi R.A. (1864a)

    Philippi, R.A. 1864. Plantarum novarum Chilensium centuriae, includis quibusdam Mendociuis et Patagonicis. Linnaea 33(heft 1-4): 1-308

  • Reveal (2004)

    Reveal, J.L. 2004. Nomenclatural summary of Polygonaceae subfamily Eriogonoideae. Harvard Papers of Botany 9(1): 143-230.

  • Teillier et al (2019)

    Teillier, S , Macaya-Berti, J and Novoa, J 2019. Revisión de Chorizanthe R. Br. ex Benth. (Polygonaceae) en Chile. Gayana Botánica 79(1) 34-60


  • Teillier et al (2019): Figs: 1,2


Atacama, Coquimbo and Valparaíso

Distribution and habitat

Restricted to locations along the coast of the Choapa Province (Coquimbo Region), between Huentelauquén, Los Vilos and Pichidangui (estuary of Quilimarí). It grows in very large colonies as the dominant species in sandy areas where it is very effective in stabilizing dune systems.


  • Chorizanthe dasyantha Phil.
    • Chorizanthe dasyantha Phil.
      • Chorizanthe dasyantha Phil.
        • Chorizanthe dasyantha Phil.


  • Teillier et al (2019)


Shrub to 120 cm high.