The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Chaetanthera glandulosa J.Rémy var. gracilis A.M.R.Davies

Place of Publication

Chaetanthera and Oriastrum: 159 (2010)

Type citation

“Chile, V Región de Valparaíso, Prov. de San Felipe, Cerros de Los Caquis, 2000 m, 03.1964, Zöllner 400” Holotype: CONC


  • Davies (2010)

    Davies, A.M.R. 2010. Chaetanthera and Oriastrum. A systematic revision of Chaetanthera Ruiz and Pav. and the reinstatement of Oriastrum Poepp. and Endl. (Asteraceae: Mutisieae). Alemania: Südwestdeutscher Verlag für Hochschriften


  • Davies (2010): fig. 55



Distribution and habitat

This species occurs in the provinces of Quillota and San Felipe (32° 30'-32° 40' lat. S), between 1000-2000 metres above sea-level. It grows on rocky soils and in Austrocedrus chilensis.


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  • Davies (2010)


Sub-shrub to 30 cm tall. Flowers from January to March

Key characteristics

It differs from C. glandulosa var. glandulosa by having flexuous stems, smaller outer bracts, more (ca.15) yellow ray florets, and the bracts being tipped with a single large gland.


Within the known populations there are specimens with flowers which vary between white and yellow.