The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Carex macloviformis (G.A.Wheeler) J.R.Starr

Type citation

Based on Uncinia macloviformis G. A. Wheer. Chile. V Región Valparaíso, Juan Fernández Islands, Masafiiera, up Cordon Inocentes from Las Tres Torres toward Los Inocentes, just below Los Inocentes, 1350 m, Loplwsoria covered rocky outcrops, often covered in fog, scattered among ferns, 5-II-1986, T. F. Stuessy & J. Sepúlveda 9546 (holotype CONC). Fig. 2C



Archipiélago de Juan Fernández

Distribution and habitat

Known from rom three localities on Alejandro Selkirk Island. It occurs inl rocky places under ferns such as Lophorosia at elevations from about 1100 to 1400 m.


  • Wheeler (2007)


Perennial, 5-25 cm tall. Fruiting from January to March.