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The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Calceolaria caleuana M.Muñoz & Moreira

  1. Classified in >
  2. genus: Calceolaria >
  3. Family: Calceolariaceae

Place of Publication

Gayana, Bot. 66: 279 (2009)

Type citation

Chile, Región Metropolitana, Prov. Chacabuco,cumbre cerro El Roble, 32° 59’ Lat. S, 71° 01’ Long.W, 2.222 msm, A. Moreira 859, 31-XII-2002 (Holotipo SGO 150135)



  • Muñoz-Schick & Moreira-Muñoz (2009): fig. 1
  • Descriptions

    • Muñoz-Schick & Moreira-Muñoz (2009)


    Perennial 12-20 cm tall.

    Key characteristics

    The shape of the flowers of this species are similar to those of C. meyeniana, although in C. caleuana the lower lip is slightly more laterally widened and the upper lip is somewhat flattened. However, it is easily distinguished as C. meyeniana is a subshrub (30-70 cm high) whereas C. caleuana is a perennial herb up to 25 cm tall.


    Valparaíso and Metropolitana

    Distribution and habitat

    Only known from the Type location where it grows in granite rock fissures, generally on a north-east exposure. Associated species include Maytenus boaria, Nardophyllum lanatum, Mulinum spinosum, Ephedra chilensis, Carex andina, Euphorbia collina and Festucaa canthophylla.


    • Muñoz-Schick & Moreira-Muñoz (2008a)

      Muñoz-Schick , M and Moreira-Muñoz , A 2008. Redescubrimiento de una especie de Calceolaria (Calceolariaceae). Gayana. Botánica 65(1): 111-114.

    • Muñoz-Schick & Moreira-Muñoz (2009)

      Muñoz-Schick, M and Moreira-Muñoz, A 2009. Calceolaria caleuana Muñoz et Moreira nom. nov., nuevo nombre para la especie endémica Chilena Calceolaria espinosae M. Muñoz et Moreira (Calceolariaceae). Gayana. Botánica 66(2): 279