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The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Azorella monteroi S. Martínez & Constance

  1. Classified in >
  2. genus: Azorella >
  3. Family: Apiaceae

Place of Publication

Gayana, Bot. 48: 117, f.1 (1991)


  • Martínez & Constance (1991):
  • Habit

    Laxly caespitose herb.

    Key characteristics

    Most similar to A. spinosa but the leaves of A. monteroi differ in being paper-like (not leathery) and the margin is 5-11 dentate (not 3-5).



    Distribution and habitat

    A very restricted Andean species which known from a very few locations in Provinces Malleco and Cautín.


    • Martínez & Constance (1991)

      Martínez , S.G. and Constance, L. 1991. Una nueva especie de Azorella (Apiaceae) para Chile. Gayana. Botánica 48:115-118