The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Azara integrifolia Ruiz & Pav.

Place of Publication

Fl. Peruv. [Ruiz & Pavon] 1: 138 (1798b)

Type citation

"in nemoribus Conceptionis" Ruiz & Pavon, 1782


Common names

  • corcolen (Sleumer (1977))


  • Ruiz & Pavón (1798b)

    Ruiz, H. and Pavon, J.A. 1798b. Flora peruviana, et chilensis prodromus, sive descriptiones, et icones plantarum peruvianarum, et chilensium, secundum systema Linnaeanum digesta, vol. 1. Romae: Paleariniano

  • Sleumer (1977)

    Sleumer, H. 1977. Revision der Gattung Azara R. et P. (Flacourtiaceae). Botanische Jahrbücher für Systematik 98: 151-175


Shrub or small evergreen tree

Key characteristics

Can be identified by the following combination of characters: i) leaves more or less entire, usually cordate a base; ii) flowers in racemes (not umbel-like) with 15 or more stamens.


Seed of this species is banked by the national seed bank of Chile, INIA.