The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Alonsoa honoraria Grau

Place of Publication

Sendtnera: 110, f. 1 a-c, 2 (1999)

Type citation

Holotypus: Chile, IV Region, Prov. de Choapa, Camino de Los Tuneies, 5 km südl. Caimanes, lockeres Buschwerk und Weiden, 2.11.1997, Ehrhart & Grau 97/1416 (M, Isotype: CONC, SGO


  • Grau (1999)

    Grau, J. 1999. Eine neue Art der Gattung Alonsoa (Scrophulariaceae) aus Chile. Sendtnera 6: 109-114



Distribution and habitat

Restricted to Province Limarí where in its Type location it grows on gently sloping open terrain with rocky outcrops. Here it grows with scattered shrubs of Acacia caven and Alstroemeria pulchra, Lepechinia salviae, Leucocoryne coquimbensis, Phycella ignea and Schizanthus parvulus.


Woody-based perennial to 150 cm tall

Key characteristics

All vegetative parts are densely covered with long glands, the same glands can be found on the underside of the petals, especially in the basal area.


Seed of this species is banked by the national seed bank of Chile, INIA.