The Endemic Plants of Chile

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Agrostis umbellata Colla

Place of Publication

Herb, Pedem. 6: 18 (1836)

Type citation

CHILE “habitat Chili, Rancagua, 1828, D. Bertero 31 & 556



  • Colla (1836c)

    Colla, A. 1836. Herbarium pedemontanum juxta methodum naturalem dispositum additis nonnullis stirpibus exoticis ad universos ejusdem methodi ordines exhibendos, vol. 6:1-606. Torino: ex Typis regiis

  • Finot et al. (2017)

    Finot, V.L. , Marticorena, A. , Rodríguez, R. , Muñoz, R.G. and , 2017. Systematic Diversity of the Family Poaceae (Gramineae) in Chile, In: Grillo, O. (ed.) The Dynamical Processes of Biodiversity - case studies of evolution and spatial distribution (pp 71-108) Intech. Available from:


  • Rodríguez & Marticorena (2022a): Lám. 26


  • Rúgolo de Agrasar & Molina (1997)
  • Rodríguez & Marticorena (2022a)


Short-lived perennial or annual 30- 45 c m tall. Flowering October to January